Friday, January 14, 2011

Little River Trail Race 2011

So my first trail race for 2011 and could be my last is the Little River Trail Race in the northern part of Durham County.  This is a great race that has a 7k and 10 mile option.  Since the last running race, well half of it was running and the other half bike that I have competed in was Muddy Buddy 2010.  Figured no reason to go out and kill myself running the 10 miler instead I chose the 7k (4 miles).  I have done this race in the past when it was 9 miles and it is a lung burner which any race is that starts at 9am in the middle of January.  My good friend like a brother to me, "The Fox" as I will refer to him as in my posts will be out there with me.  But, he is doing the 10 miler since he is the endurance running junkie and I am the endurance mountain bike junkie.  Who knows how the trail will be since the temperature will be in the "why the hell are we out here" range.  I guess with it being below freezing we do not have to worry about any muddy spots since it will be frozen.  So, here is a look at forcast for tomorrow morning and we will see what our outcomes will be.

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