Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Ride

This is something I had wanted to start last year, but had put off until this year.  Nothing like starting the New Year off with a ride.  So, I went out to Umstead State Park this afternoon since all the mountain bike trails are closed from the snow that fell over Christmas.  Well, the multi-use trails were sloppy and had the consistency of mashed potatoes at times that made the ride a grinder at times. 

  My weapon of choice for this ride was my new Vassago Fisticuff. What better way to break it in then on a day like today.  Knocked-out 14.5 miles in one hour and ten minutes, which is not bad for the conditions considering my rides take 55 minutes to an hour in dry conditions.  To my surprise there was a lot of people out there either riding, running or hiking. 
post-ride dirty bum

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