Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yes, more sushi

Yesterday for lunch we went to a new sushi place here in Raleigh off of Western Blvd. called Sushi Nine, located next to the Bojangles.  Ummm, Bojangles, now that is the best place to get a biscuit.  Especially the Chicken Biscuit Combo w/ cheese, fires and sweet tea.  If you want to make the biscuit taste even better have them add bacon to it also, everyone knows that everything taste better with bacon.  Okay, now back to sushi.  Bojangles will do that to you everytime.  Bojangles is a good conversation starter with anyone from the South, and definitely a North Carolinian.  Alright, take three on sushi.  They just recently opened back in December 2010 They have for lunch the BOGO deal for all their sushi rolls.  The sushi is really good there and the rolls are not skimpy.  So go check'em out, you will not be disappointed.

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