Sunday, January 16, 2011

Little River Trail Race 2011 update

Well yesterday morning in the earlier hours of the adventure began.  I was up early and out the door to pick The Fox up at 7 am to make our way to the race.  We arrived at Little River Regional Park about 7:50am, jumped out picked up our race packets and got back in the car since it was only 28 degrees to wait for the races to start.  We did our normal pre-race prep, from hydration, a few trips to the bathroom and some jogging to get the muscles warmed up.  The 10 miler started at 9 am and the 7k started at 9:30 am.  The race director gave the normal speech before each race about safety and passing people on the trail except this time a couple extra because of the snow/ice we have had.  They were correct about the amount of snow and ice on the trail, and it was a lot more than I was expecting.  A couple downhill sections you had to walk or you might take the quick trip sliding.  This course is nothing but rolling hills and switchbacks with very few flat sections with the majority being on singletrack which gives very few places to pass.  I can't complain about how I ran since I am not a runner.  The entire time I was out there the only thing I was thinking about was I would rather be riding my mountain bike.  We made our back to Raleigh and stopped off at the best burritos in town at Baja Burritos to refuel our bodies. 

Our results went as followed:  The Fox - 1:15:58 with a 7:36 pace/mile placing 14th out of 300.
                                              Me - 36:30 with a 8:23 pace/mile placing 41st out of 153.

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